The Laykold product portfolio includes coatings for athletic uses that can be customized to achieve desired performance, playability and appearance, making it an affordable way to revitalize playing surfaces installed on asphalt or concrete. Maintenance and regeneration costs can extend the life of a field or may completely transform it. Approved in a multitude of cities in eastern Canada.

The US Open

As the official court surface of the US Open, Laykold and the United States Tennis Association have set a new standard in court quality control, playing performance and sustainability for the game’s biggest tournament. Our fully integrated global supply chain and vapour barrier designed specifically for the court system removes any risk that the surface is compromised, ensuring court performance, speed and consistency serve after serve. And with the best environmental credentials in the industry, the partnership heralds the most sustainable court system on the planet.

The Miami Open

Laykold® has been the official surface provider of the Miami Open for the past 35 years. However, the tournament's move to Hard Rock Stadium, located in Miami Gardens in Florida, a multipurpose NFL Stadium and home to the Miami Dolphins added another level of complexity and time challenges to this high-profile project.

The creation of a court color palette that would give the event a distinct Miami flavor, but at the same time deliver against the strict ball visibility requirements of Broadcast and meet player performance standards. There was a strong desire for court speed consistency between the venues with a 'ITF 3 Medium' Pace-Rating request.


Laykold Advantage is a wear-resistant, sand-filled, 100% acrylic emulsion consisting of high quality pigments and polymers to produce an easy to apply color coating material. Laykold Advantage does not contain any asbestos, lead, or mercury. The benefit of Laykold Advantage is that only water is added at the jobsite. It already contains the proper type, size, and ratio of silica sand to create a medium speed play tennis court surface. The result is an easy to mix material that produces a consistent speed of play for every court.

Masters 5, 8, Float and Interior

Laykold® Masters 5 and 8 are cutting-edge polyurethane/ rubber/acrylic composite court systems. Each utilizes a custom pre-fabricated shockpad for advanced player comfort and is coated with LM acrylics for consistent ball bounce, reliable footing and staying power.

Masters Gel

Laykold Masters Gel is a revolutionary, technologically advanced, seamless cushioned court system manufactured utilizing 60%+ renewable resources. The all-weather court surface offers a wide variety of benefits to all ages and ability. From recreational to professional athlete, Laykold Masters Gel provides 17%+ force reduction enhancing player performance by reducing joint impact and body fatigue. The chemistry is complex but the result is simple.

Masters Montreal & Rome

Unprecedented in the world of elastic indoor court systems, Laykold® Masters Montreal and Laykold® Masters Rome’s engineered plywood HARO® sub-flooring promotes speedy installation. It provides superior force reduction properties with Laykold® Masters acrylics completing this extraordinary system.

Imagine the shock absorption of an area elastic HARO® subfloor, with its specially engineered underlayment, combine it with the world class acrylic finish of Laykold® and you end up with a fantastic, uniquely performing tennis court. Laykold® Masters Montreal and Rome - a fusion of battle tested flooring systems. By blending these forces, athletes will be able to enjoy 60% force reduction, in combination with the perfect ball bounce and surface pace. The extent of shock absorption on a tennis court opens up a new dimension for player protection and will provide vastly increased comfort for the social tennis player.

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Synthetic Turf
Omnicourt (Tennis)

Omnicourt® is brought to you by the most vertically integrated synthetic turf manufacturer in the United States. All Omnicourt tennis court products are manufactured using in-house proprietary yarns that are extruded in our AstroTurf production facility in Dalton GA, using the same high end technology yarn used in the renowned AstroTurf football and soccer turf. In addition, Omnicourt uses our proprietary hybrid emulsion secondary backing, manufactured by APT in Harmony PA. You can rest assured that all key components are covered by Omnicourt’s systematic product design and manufacturing.

Synthetic Turf
AstroTurf (Field Sports)

The inventor of synthetic turf, AstroTurf is one of the most iconic brands in American sports — as legendary as the athletes who’ve battled on it. We ensure that every inch of product meets and exceeds the highest standards of performance, quality and durability. With over 50 years of experience and millions and millions of square feet of synthetic turf in use worldwide, AstroTurf products bring more technological expertise and real world know-how to the game than any other brand.

HAR-TRU Clay Courts

Har-Tru courts are easy and inexpensive to build. They can be installed in almost any location, including over existing asphalt and concrete courts. They never crack and, when properly cared for, a Har-Tru court will last forever. Our clay courts typically cost 5 to 10% less to install than a hard court, and can be maintained in as few as 10 minutes a day.

Track (Rekortan)

Designed for the current day athlete, our renowned track systems are a diverse, world class series of polyurethane running tracks that are unmatched in quality and performance. We offer an option for high-end, Olympics level events and an option for smaller-scale competitions at schools and community centers.

Laykold Color Selector

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