Bourassa Sport Technologie offers consulting services for the construction of sports fields. These services can help you choose the best products and services offered in the marketplace for the different stages of the construction of your sports field such as the base, fencing, lighting, etc. If different jobs are given to other contractors, Bourassa Sport Technologie offers supervision services for the work done by other contractors.


An annual maintenance contract on an acrylic surface includes repairing surface cracks, cleaning black spots and touching up bottom lines. An evaluation of the work and the costs are made beforehand.

Often acrylic grounds are not broken but blackened by stagnant rainwater or dead leaves left on the ground. Bourassa Sport Technologie offers a high pressure cleaning service for your acrylic fields.

After a few years of use, a synthetic turf sports field requires regular maintenance. A synthetic turf maintenance contract includes cleaning the surface with a high pressure blower, removing black spots, spreading antifungal treatments, removing excess used sand and adding new sand as needed as well as leveling the sand using a mechanical broom. An annual maintenance can be done once to four times during the season according to the needs and at the request of the customer.

Pressure Washing

With our four seasons, outdoor sports fields can become dirty, muddy and with vegetation that can creep in. Tree thorns and leaves can become encrusted on the surface, as does damage from various drinks and other debris. It is important to do a specialized wash to revitalize the adhesion and the original colors.

Take advantage of our early-season offer to provide a quality playing surface to your members and citizens at a fraction of the price of a new floor. We are specialists in the coating of sports grounds and exclusive depository of Laykold products.

Our prices vary depending on the number and condition of the grounds. In addition, we can perform minor repairs and repaint the bottom lines for better visibility. We are also able to maintain your synthetic turf pitches.

Underground and surface drainage

This type of installation work prevents excess water in the ground from rising to the surface of the sports field and thus creating structural cracks.

Subsurface drainage addresses the management of groundwater that ends up in the soil and rocks. One way to control surface and ground water is by installing a French drain. The most common installation of this type of drain is to dig a trench of at least 1,524 meters and 30.5 to 61 centimeters wide around the perimeter to remove excess water from the ground. It can be connected to the city's rainwater system or to a pumping basin.

Surface drainage is the orderly removal of excess water from the surface of the soil through improved natural channels, dug trenches and land shaping. This system uses gravity to move the water farther away from the athletic field.

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